About Us


About us and our company

Welcome to Shine Roofing of Cumbria, we are your local trusted name in all aspects of slate and flat roofing both domestic and commercial.

Shine Roofing is one of the fastest growing roofing company's in Cumbria and we have many combined year's of experience in all types of roofing and tiling work. Our team is structured from highly qualified, friendly and ambitious workers.

We stand behind & guarantee all of our work and estimates, we always meet our deadlines on time and provide the highest standards of completed work available. We have the aptitude to succeed in an extremely competitive environment whilst consistently striving to achieve meritorious standards of work. Our team members are used to working as a part of a great team and are self-motivated individuals who can deliver high a quality of required work and great communication for the entire project.

We have lots of happy customers in the Cumbria area and are willing to find solutions to any problem that might occur.

We provide the widest range of roofing services, available for all projects of all sizes.